Hello and welcome to TheMDRecords official web page.
Hey there this is Mauricio Soltero and Devin Dalton
the creators of this page. Devin and I specialize in guitar playing and singing we are currently in a band called "The Nameless."
You can now check out some of our random videos. we uploaded a few  on Youtube. Check them out

Hello my name is Devin Dalton and im 15. As you know im a guitarist and backup screamer in our band "The Nameless" and me and Mauricio barely met last September, and he's a really good friend and we hope to get sponsored and get a Label/Producer on our side!!!! And as we said come check out our web site and Youtube for some good music. OHH,before I forget our Youtube channel link is right here http://www.youtube.com/user/TheMDRecords ! So come check us out some time! DOOSES!

Hey my name is Mauricio Soltero and im a guitarist and maybe singer of our band "The Nameless" im 16 and like Devin said we are hoping to get a record deal. Me and Devin did meet last year and we've been friends since. Its weird cause he just turned 15 and ya but were like brothers. So ya check us out one day and leave comments and ya enjoy. O and soon we are going to start a program to teach people how to play guitar so contact us at 1(909)252-6502 THANKS and DOOSES!

Yea this is our FIRST video EVER!!!! SO we are proud although it could have been better quality. Still I hope you love it!!!